Wyandot Snacks and TQL work together to help people affected by the Mississippi tornado

Wyandot Snacks in Marion, OH, immediately said “yes!” when the American Red Cross asked them to help thousands of people following the recent tornado that pummeled Mississippi. TQL followed with “no problem!” to delivering two semi-truck loads of salty snacks 13 hours away.

Both Wyandot Snacks and TQL understand how a simple snack is meaningful to a family who has lost everything following a tornado. A parent can now give a snack to their child knowing that people care about them – people who they don’t even know from 4 states away.

Wyandot Snacks donated 35,316 individual packages of snacks to the Red Cross. The first TQL truck delivered 1,600 cases the next day. TQL then sent a second truck to pick up almost 1,000 more cases of donated snacks from Wyandot Snacks. Flexibility was key for the second delivery, and TQL quickly re-routed the truck 100 miles away to help families in another stricken Mississippi town.

This is not the first time that Wyandot Snacks and TQL teamed up together, helping the Red Cross feed families following a large national disaster. After our southern states were battered by Hurricane Ian, followed by Hurricane Nicole this past fall, Wyandot Snacks generously donated 20,400 salty snacks that TQL quickly delivered to the Red Cross in Tampa, FL.

It’s through the generosity of our corporate partners, like Wyandot and TQL, that the Red Cross is able to carry out its mission.

This article was written by Patricia Hiatt.

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